At Kennet Aviation, one of the leading vintage aircraft maintenance and restoration facilities in the UK, we needed to develop an ability to produce an increasing number of challenging, bespoke aircraft parts, required for servicing and restoration of the high-performance classic aircraft we care for and fly. Consequently Kennet Engineering was put together; the expert Kennet Aviation engineers appended with a CNC Engineering specialist, the right CNC Turning Machine sourced, acquired and commissioned in newly-developed premises onsite at Kennet Engineering in the heart of Bedfordshire.

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Kennet’s CNC Machine Center

The remarkably versatile and efficient Mazak QUICK TURN 250MSY CNC turning centre was built in the UK at Mazak’s Worcester plant. Here at Kennet we’ve gone from a world of outsourced CNC machining and the impact it has on our timelines, cost and Quality Assurance, to today’s state, where we now are able to quickly produce high-accuracy, bespoke aircraft components, significantly reducing the time taken to restore an aircraft.

CNC Machine Engineering For Aircraft Parts

Vintage Aircraft Part Manufacture

Tim Manna, Director at Kennet Aviation: ‘Existing components for these older aeroplanes can be very rare, hard to find, and often not available anywhere. As we may only require very small batches, requesting parts from general subcontractors can be expensive and result in long lead times. Therefore, we invested in high-quality CNC Machining Equipment to manufacture parts at Kennet, so we could bring selection, quality control, and timing in-house‘.

Seafire XVII SX336
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The only UK registered flying Seafire and one of only two flying in the world, SX336 was rescued from a scrapyard in – of all places – Warrington, back in 1973. Its restoration project was acquired by Kennet Aviation 20 years ago, in 2001. It’s now kept in the air courtesy of CNC engineered components made to exacting Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) standards by Kennet Engineering.